Please note: This product is not currently available in (NY, SD, IA)

What is it?
Occupational Accident insurance is a specifically designed policy for self-employed individuals, which pays for medical expenses if you’re injured while you are working.  In the unfortunate event that you are injured badly enough that you can’t continue to work, it pays disability benefits so you can continue to pay your bills and support your family.  It also covers accidental death and dismemberment.  It even pays medical and death and dismemberment benefits if you’re injured off the job (Benefits are subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions).

Why do I need it?
What you do involves risk and without Occupational Accident insurance a serious injury could have devastating effects on your livelihood.  Protect the investment that you have made in yourself! General health insurance (in most cases) won’t cover work related injuries and your auto policy’s injury coverage is minimal if it exists at all. The majority of contracting companies will require that you carry insurance that covers you if you’re injured while working.  Need a certificate of insurance to show proof of coverage? You’ll get that here.  You may be able to obtain workers compensation insurance as an individual, but the cost may be too much!  We’re able to use the buying power of thousands of self-employed individuals just like you, allowing individuals to obtain this insurance at group rates.  Occupational Accident insurance is affordable and MyBizBen working with Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. makes it easier than ever to obtain.

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